Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ladies in Red

Lady in red is daaaancing with me, cheek to cheek. There's nobody here, it's just you and me...

Oooh, sorry, I didn't spot you there, where was I...?

Yes, ahem, Erdem.

I adored Michelle Williams in this Erdem dress. (Particularly with her insanely lovely hair.)

And then Alexa Chung wore it for Net a Porter, and I fell a little further.

(Via Style)

It is a simply divine dress. Then To'Sho' was "inspired" by it. Badly. It looked cheap. It probably was cheap. I judged it. Not favourably.

(Via French Connection)

So what of this French Connection number that has been similarly "inspired"? I'm going to a party on Friday and I'd love a new frock. Is this the one?

Would having it in jade be better?

Or blue?

Or should I stear clear entirely and find something else? What to do?

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