Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tell Me About it, Stud!

I was looking for a pair of flats seeing as my black ones are so slippy I nearly end up going arse over tit every time I'm on anything other than carpet. I find the task excrutiatingly boring. Flats are inherently sensible and inherently boring, wouldn't you agree?

So imagine my delight upon finding a pair that are not only fuschia, not only faux-python, but are also rocking some enormously mean looking studs. Aaaaaoouuuuwwwww! (Rock hands gesture, sticking tongue out a la Gene Simmons, etc.)

(Via Kurt Geiger)

And after some to-doing where I had to order them in because they had all been sent out to the press and they only had them in a 4 or an 8 I finally got to take them home with me last night. Truly I think I might be the happiest girl alive. Plus it is nearly the Easter break. Life is good indeed!

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