Wednesday, 27 April 2011

If You Want to Get Ahead Get a Hat

OK, so it seems that I am obsessed with my extremities at the moment. It's either hats or shoes (soon it might well be gloves too) and this time it's hats.

Foolishly enormous hats, in fact. The one above in particular is so utterly ridiculous I could barely see out. I wondered whether I might need to reinforce my neck in some way to support the damn thing. Plus turning round at speed would be absolutely off the menu to avoid taking out immediate neighbours.

(Via Jigsaw)

This one is nearly as foolish. But I love it all the same. Can people really carry off hats of this nature, or is it just in Jackie Collins novels and amongst the horsey set (so in other words, Jilly Cooper novels)? I do wish I could try but I'm not sure I've got the balls. What, what, what?! (Sorry, just doing my impression of someone called Pandora who can eat an apple through a letter box, has hair like straw and lives in a Barbour.) Convinced?

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