Friday, 8 April 2011

Earn Your Stripes

Talking of the delectable Brigitte, is it scandalous to suggest that I might be kind of over the Breton stripe?

I know I am no one to talk as I was wearing my own just yesterday.

But that Breton stripe with cigerette pants, ballet flats and a trench just seems so utterly, utterly tired right now.

It is like elegant grown up dressing by numbers and I am unspeakably bored by it.

Even as I do it myself. But I spot the legions of other women working it and I have to say it makes me cringe ever so slightly.

Is it still style if really it is just theft and there are so many other tea leaves out there showing off the benefits of their thievery?

God, the French must be fuming that we rosbifs have soiled their insouciance. Probably not, they are probably too damn insouciant. [Shrug shoulders, curl lip, inhale cigarette.]

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