Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bikini Kill

(Via Figleaves)

The only opportunity on the horizon for me to get to the beach this year is Cornwall in June, where I'll probably need waterproofs rather than a bikini. But if I had more glamourous destinations in my sights I would definitely want one of these two bikinis.

They are super cute, and I love the colour of this one.

(Via Rigby & Peller)

And most of all they look like they could successfully house (and keep housed) a generous bosom. Yay!

I hate how difficult it is to find pretty swimwear for the well endowed. You'd think there would be more on the market considering the number of silicone enhanced beauties who seem to live in swimwear around the world.


Kate said...

ah, but silicone ones tend to stay up by themselves – at least initially!

Lucinda said...

Oh yes! Good point. I hadn't thought of that. Unfortunately I definitely need a bit more help keeping mine perky!