Monday, 27 June 2011

Summer Loving

Dude. It got hot! And how.

Instead of matching the weather I went with my mood, and wore black. No, that's overstating the mark, but I definitely wasn't feeling sunny enough for colour or pattern as I picked my outfit this morning.

Like most of the women of London, though, I did pick a dress. And most of the ladies I saw looked lovely. Much more so than the poor misguided ones in denim cut offs, obvs.

But the girls who looked the best today, to my mind, were the girls wearing something similar to this. Peg cut 7/8ths chinos with a pretty patterned top and a simple slightly masculine shoe.

(Via River Island)

It's got me craving. Even though I don't really suit a peg. But a summer trouser dressed up with feminine tops might actually lure me in to the shops even while the sales are on. Because you know how I feel about those.

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