Thursday, 2 June 2011


My utterly delightful friend Mia is a fan of comfortable shoes. But she is also a fan of looking utterly fabulous. This is a combination that pleases me as it is a direction that I am hoping to move in. And you know what her secret is? Clarks.

Yes, you heard me right, Clarks. Home of the sensible shoe is now also home of the fabulous shoe. Truly! I mean it! Would I lie to you?

(Via Clarks)

And she has these, in the cognac (which is a much more fabulous way to say beige, isn't it?) which I love. They are super comfortable, not too high, really flattering on the ankle with the low strap and will go with everything. I dragged her all round NY trying to find them. But look they have them in the old country too. What joy!

I know I should probably get the cognac too as they are much more practical, but look how pretty they are in raspberry. Because, after all, if they are comfortable and sensible then I need for some part of the equation to be utterly frivolous. This is me writing, obviously.

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