Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cold Shoulder

(Via Edinburgh Woollen Mill)

I'm going to the Lake District tomorrow and I think I have made a grievous error. While I'll be all set in my walking togs, I even have waterproof trousers that have poppers down the side for when it's raining but you still want to practise your Chippendales dance moves, I don't think I have enough layers for the rest of the time. I just checked the forecast and it is going to be in single figures. Ack!

Desperately scrabbling around on the internet trying to find sweaters I found myself at a loss. But fortunately, I'll be in the lakes, and it seems that if they do anything there that isn't mountains or lakes or BMX Potter, as my brother used to call her, then it is hardy knitwear.

I googled clothes shops in Ambleside and up popped the Edinburgh Woollen Mill and Lakeland Sweaters. Maybe it will be ok after all. Phew!

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