Thursday, 9 June 2011

A Good Man/Job is Hard to Find


OK, so what are the two scariest things to dress for?

Umm, a first date, maybe?

A job interview?

I have both. On consecutive days. [Gulp!]

But it's ok. I've been advised. By our very own Hayley. Well, for the date at any road. Don't wear anything fashion forward. Very good advice. Boys don't like that kind of thing, do they? And if they do, they probably aren't the kind of boy for you. Naaaayamsaaayn?

And as usual, play up the waist. Which of course is the first thing you learn on the first day of your dressing Lucinda undergrad rookies course.

So I'm wearing a floaty little mini and unthreatening navy sweater. It's not going to get me stopped my a street fashion blogger that's for damn sure, but it might ensure that I don't freak out my date. Not quite yet anyway.

As for the interview? I think the dress that had very stylish New York girls gasping "Ow my gawd, I love her dress" last week might well tick the right sartorial boxes. You know, the asymmetrical All Saints one? It is statement-y but navy and reasonably reserved and I feel super comfortable in it. Then some serious cinching at the waist, and either the librarian or my grey heeled Billi Bi boots, if you recall, if I am going a bit more renegade.

I'll let you know how I get on. But right now I must fly. I have a date. With a man. In a pub. Wish me luck...!

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