Thursday, 28 October 2010

Seasonal Affective Disorder

(Via Style)

Do you know what I hate?

People walking very slowly in front of you!

Well, yes, but what I meant was...

People who eat loudly!

Again, correct, but...

People who nearly plough into you because they are looking at a small screen in their hand!

Well, obviously, of course I hate them, but this is a fashion blog and this therefore has something to do with fashion...

People who can't walk in heels!

OK, very funny, but enough's enough...

People who wear leggings in place of trousers!

OK, I admit it, there are quite a few things I hate. But what is occuring to me right this second that I hate is when slebs start wearing things straight off the catwalk.

OK, so maybe it doesn't come up there with genocide and Bono in terms of utter hatefulness, but it still rankles.

And for these reasons:

It reminds me that I don't get invited to fashion shows.

It is totally seasonally maladjusted. Let's enjoy wool, shall we? Before we have to start having a dalliance with chiffon.

It is just a bit show-offy, isn't it? Look what I've got 6 months before it is available in the shops.

I just want another reason to be angry, clearly.

Miss Blake Lively, however, might have cured me off my wrath. Coz she just looks so very, very pretty in her very, very pretty Lanvin dress.

Now, what else can I be annoyed about instead...?

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