Friday, 22 October 2010

What You See is What You Get

I have been wanting a new pair of specs for some time. I've had mine for nearly four years, which surely must be a record. And due to the lack of care with which I have been treating them (consciously or unconciously I couldn't possibly comment) they are quite scratched. So now I also need a new pair.

I love the pair I have. Big and boxy. But you know me, I'm flighty, I like to mix it up. What I really want are a pair like these Oliver Peoples:

Not in pink. With my colouring I don't need any more pink about my face. But the rounded shape I love. I was in a glasses shop trying on something similar and the assistant frowned and shook her head, as if to say, with your round face, are you nuts?

The Ray Ban ones at the top are great, but are they too similar to what I already have?

And then there are these by Ralph Lauren. I have always loved that 60s look, but could I carry them off? They are quite masculine, aren't they?

And these are by Cutler and Gross, but I think they might just be a bit boring?

(Via The Independent)

I might need some advice.

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