Friday, 29 October 2010

Fish Out of Water

There is something disturbing going on on the streets. Girls (attractive young girls, who have no visible reason for loathing themselves) seem to be punishing themselves with the modern day equivalent of the hair shirt by adorning themselves with a short (see above) and a shapeless, hideous sweater (see below).

(Via Topshop)

I am seeing them everywhere. Little short shorts, thick tights and goddamned shapeless fisherman's sweaters tucked into them.

Let me stress this in the strongest possible terms. There are only three ways that the fisherman's sweater is acceptable.

1. On a cat. You know how I feel about an animal in an outfit...

2. On Robert Pattinson. I'm not a squealing teen but he's just so terribly pretty...

3. On an actual fisherman. Coz, you know, the answer is in the question.

No caveats, no exceptions, no excuses.

Just no.

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