Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hey Short Stack!

I am going on my summer holiday!

No more work for... well, a few months, probably...

But anyway, I am off to Norfolk. And even though it doesn't seem as though there is going to be particularly good weather I am currently trying optimism on for size. So I thought that I might try and find a nice pair of knee length shorts to schlep around in.

So I started a little search. And my eyes were assaulted by these monstrosities:

Honestly, aren't shops meant to, you know, make nice clothes that people want to actually, erm, wear?

I like these in theory, they are pretty and vintage-y. But dear lord, is anyone other than Pixie Lott actually going to walk around in something so short?

Arse cheek a-go-go.

(Images via ASOS)

Not a good look.

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