Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Once You Go Black

Do you have a magazine obsession? Or is that just me? I love them. I can't help myself. But I end up buying so many of them I never have the chance to read them properly. I am trying to ween myself off at the moment.

So I was flicking through an issue of Elle from a few months ago and saw this picture. And realised that what I absolutely, categorically, without exception, must own is a pair of black sandals with ankle ties.

Of course.

Look how down right delicious they are.

Of course this pair probably cost more than has ever been extricated from my sticky little hand for one item, so probably not. I mean, really, for sandals? No, me neither.

So hmm, alternatives?

This pair are from River Island (my spiritual home as I'm sure you are aware). They have these weird gold dangly bits, but I had a look see and I could easily have them away with a pair of scissors and a good eye in a well lit room.

But will they then be elegant? Coz they really need to be elegant I feel. Having scoured most of the shops I didn't find any suitable alternative, but is that a good enough reason to purchase?

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