Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Turn a Blind Eye

Wow, the girls from Liverpool really put the rest of us to shame just in terms of the hours they put in to their appearance. I was passing through over the weekend (on my way to the fabulous Isle of Man, which I am now totally obsessed with) and I was beyond amazed by how high maintenance these ladies are. It was around midday and I spied the darkest fake tans, full heads of perfectly tonged curls, mini dresses, maxi dresses, six inch heels, designer bags... I was particularly fascinated by a girl with so many layers of falsies she could barely open her eyes.

The women of Liverpool have always been something of an urban fashion myth to me. Women can't really be that committed to looking totally done at all times. But I am pleased to report that it is all totally true. I didn't see a single woman in jeans and a t shirt. Well, maybe one, but that was my reflection in a shop window. It really isn't often that I am the most underdressed in a crowd.

It might not be entirely to my taste, but you certainly can't say that they aren't making one hell of an effort. And I can't fault that.

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