Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sporting Chance

When I was at secondary school I loathed my PE teachers with a passion. They were petty individuals with inferiority complexes who had their favourites and their favourites to persecute. I returned the favour and we spent a large amount of time trying to make each others' lives hell.

Ah, good times...!

Well, one of them had particularly heinous taste in trousers.

I thought of her when I bought these today. But they are cute, right? For pottering around when the temperatures are soaring? And for my travels?

I keep being drawn to what Vogue seems to have named "backpacker/gap year chic", you know, global prints and easy to wear styles that are still chic. But most things under this bracket are pretty hid and would have to be worn with tongue firmly embedded in cheek, but I think these flirt with the trend while still being very pretty. At least I hope so.

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