Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Cold Shoulder

(Image via Glamour)

God, you know what I was thinking? Handbags with short straps? Like so totally passé, right? So five minutes ago...

But what would be cooler, more of the moment? Hey! I've got it! What about long straps? Radical!

I'm kinda in to it. My namesake Miss Miranda Kerr looks delightful with hers perched on her shoulder.

I'm almost convinced. But there is something about it that just screams 80s to me. And not good, fun, tasteless, bright 80s, but the 80s that you see on documentaries about Thatcherite Britain with women going to work in the city in long double breasted jackets that make them look about a foot tall and mid calf length skirts and pussy bow blouses and sensible court shoes. Ack! It's enough to make me gag.

Can I get over this? Or should I just stick to a short handle and have done with it?

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