Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Grinch Who Stole Summer

Stay back! I'm warning you. I'm in a vile mood.

It is totally unrelated to the summer. But summer fashions have been seriously getting my goat today and I'm afraid you will have to listen to me rant.

Gripe No. 1: Slingbacks

Slingbacks that don't stay on your feet. Straps determined to hang out under rather than around your foot and fly off when you are trying to dart into the traffic. Gah!

Gripe No. 2: Bikinis under dresses

No, you are not Rihanna. No, you are not on the beach. No, you will never be a friend of mine.

Gripe No. 3: Maxi dresses

Is there anything worse than something that you used to love being so overplayed that you just can't bear to look at it anymore? I give you the maxi dress. Summer dressing by numbers and really really boring now.

So, have I ruined your day? Have I put you in a funk? Have I made you realise that you hate something too? Please feel free to share, I will listen in thanks for you putting up with me.

Awfully sorry, hopefully it will be business as usual tomorrow...

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