Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Blood Sweat and Tears

As a lady gets a little older the old slap becomes a bit more of a constant companion, I get that. While I used to happily galivant fresh facedly around or be perfectly happy with just my trusty mascara and blusher I now feel in need of a bit more daily refurbishment.

My daily essentials consist of:

Under eye concealer x 2
Cover up for the less perfect bits
Eyebrow kit
Lip balm/stick/gloss

Which I know to some of you will seem excessive, (yes, I am talking to you, Miss Knitslow) and indeed sometimes even to lazy old me. But generally if I am putting on make up then that is what I am putting on.

There is one place I definitely don't want to be covered in make up though and that's the gym. I sweat a lot, I go very red in the face, I don't want to have make up flying everywhere to make matters worse.

But there are women, clearly more together and less sweaty women, who do wear make up at my gym. A lot of it. One woman I saw, who had more than a passing resemblance to a lither Gemma from TOWIE, was even wearing bright pink lipstick like this gym bunny below.

How do they do that? How does is not all just run like a torrent off their faces like it would do on mine? And why would they want to? I get that not all of us feel that great in lycra, and that we might like a bit of a boost, but my boost comes from wearing clothes that make me look as though I belong there and don't show my wobbly bits, rather than feeling clogged porees and the risk of panda eyes.

What about you? Do you try and look pretty at the gym or bow down defeated in the face of sweat like me?

(Images via Fabulous magazine)


Amelia Knitslow said...

Ooh I got a name check!!! As an example of a judgmental and badly groomed troll, but a name check nevertheless. x

Lucinda said...

Oh dear, I hope you didn't take it that way. Of course you aren't a badly groomed troll, just a lover of natural beauty/feminist riot grrrl.

I wouldn't love you half as much if you were any other way. xx

Amelia Knitslow said...

I am currently growing some hamsters under my arms ;)

Lucinda said...

Loving the hamsters!