Friday, 6 July 2012

The Ties That Bind


When I was a teenager I loved tie dye. And when I did textiles GCSE at school I learnt how to do it and tried to tie dye everything. I even made a long tie dye waistcoat. Yes, it was as hideous as it sounds. So I have always, since then, thought that tie dye was just about the most hideous thing. After, you know, Uggs, Crocs and Next.

But this summer it has come back and I kind of love it. I mean look at the Current/Elliott jeans. They rock pretty hard, don't they?

I think I might try and work a bit of tie dye before the summer is out. Cheaply, as I can't imagine it will be a long standing crush, more like a brief flirtation. But I don't think I can resist. Even if it is bad.

What about you? Tempted or set against?


J Brand



Raquel Allegra

Urban Outfitters
(Images via Asos, Elle UK, Net a Porter)

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