Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Baroque and Roll

What is it about being or going on holiday that makes you quite take leave of your senses?

My flight to Cape Town was delayed and so I spent rather more time than expected sifting through all of those things that in normal circumstances you know you don't need, but when you have time on your hands and are in a holiday state of mind suddenly seem like just the very thing.

(Images via Prada)

For me it was these Baroque sunglasses by Prada. It occured to me that there was really no good reason why I shouldn't have them. Not even their hefty price tag.

It seemed totally normal that I was considering paying the same amount as a couple of nights' accommodation.

Aren't they awesome? I am still pining slightly. But I distracted myself with Prada Candy perfume instead (rubbish name, utterly lovely pong). Clever old me!

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