Monday, 26 September 2011

Hell for Pleather

The trend for adding leather sleeves or panels to items of clothing that started last autumn/winter has filtered down to the high street. But while Burberry's trench is pretty fierce, and much of the real leather pieces look amazing, the cheaper pleather used by the high street brands has really cheapened the look.

Topshop have a version very similar to the Burberry and it looks hid. Really plasticky and nasty. And even this Zara version looks nice from a distance but up close, the the cheapness of the leather fails it.

(Images via Urban Gear, Zara, Topshop)

And don't even get be started on the skirt. It is beyond words. The high street's desire to rip off designer should really be tempered by a thought to whether the look can actually be carried when using cheaper materials. In this case I think it should have been left well alone.

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