Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Follow Suit

I have an interview. I only just found out. It's on Friday. And I have to wear a suit. I don't own a suit. I barely own anything that is acceptably corporate. Which might be a little unusual seeing as I have been a PA in finance for the last few years. But I've managed to beat the system up until now. Mostly thanks to having a boss who was quite fond of the fact that I was unconventional. But that is over and now I have to smarten up my act.

Which was panicking me. Me and suits just don't really work. My shape just doesn't enjoy modern suiting with one button jackets that I burst out of and make me look the size of a house. So imagine my relief when I found this beautiful suit in LK Bennett. It is quite forties and super feminine. Plus it fits me perfectly. The only slight concern I have it that it is fairly low at the front so I will have to get a little black cami to wear under it, but that shouldn't be too difficult.

And then there are the shoes. As I said my work shoes are kaput and with such a beautiful suit I really don't think that I could get away with a shabby pair of shoes. I have seen two that take my fancy. A black suede pointed pair in Russell & Bromley (no picture sadly) and then this pair from LK Bennett. They are a bit retro looking with the texture, plus they are "aubergine" which I like as the rest of my outfit (with the exception of my purple handbag) is black and it would be nice to have a little bit of colour. But I'm not totally sure about the bow thing on the front. Is it not a little weird? I'll have to try them both on after work and make my decision.

(Images via John Lewis and LK Bennett)

And as an aside, isn't this bag heaven? They don't have them in store yet. But if I get the job I might treat myself to this.

So fingers crossed, everyone. Wish me luck!

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