Thursday, 8 September 2011


Now. Jaeger. Jaeger is where my mother used to shop. And very lovely she looked while doing so. But Jaeger was never a shop for me, it was a shop for her.

But things change.

People get older. Their tastes change. They possibly become slightly more conservative.

They definitely start wanting more from clothes, and more from a shopping experience. They don't want to be served by some petulant pubescent who is more interested in telling their weirdly dressed cohort about what their good for nothing boyfriend did last night. You know, the kind who would use lolz both verbally and in writing. Unironically.

They are happy to spend more on clothes that are beautiful and nicely made and will last. In a shop where things are nicely laid out, rather than Primark's specialty of an enormous pile of sh--, where shop assistants actually want to help you and where shopping is a pleasure not a chore/short cut to imprisonment for GBH brought on my crap service, crap quality, tiny fitting rooms, being made to feel 100, only having children's sizes on the racks, clothes falling apart on the first wear and any number of other trials and tribulations.

I've been shopping in COS and Whistles for a while now. And I still felt I had a foot in youth's door, because they are still cool places to shop, right? I'm not totally passed it. Right?!

But it was getting slightly boring only really having two places to shop, with the occassional glance into Hobbs or Jigsaw.

I don't think I was quite ready for a real grown ups' shop. You know, coz at 32 I'm clearly not really a grown up yet.

 And if there is ever a shop that is grown up then Jaeger seems to me to be that.

But it's ok, people, I can still pretend to be young and on the pulse because they have their Boutique range which is "the edgy younger sister of Jaeger". Phew! I can still pretend I'm young. Just with a slightly bigger budget, and a slightly lower tolerence for bad service/quality.

(Images via Jaeger and Asos)

Which is a relief because I really love these clothes.

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