Monday, 26 September 2011

Jump the Kew

I can't say that I was ever that tempted by Kew. I remember there was one on High Street Kensington when I lived near there. I don't think that I ever ventured in.

But I am older now, and my tastes have changed. And I want to explore new places to shop now that I have decided to give it a rest with To'Sho', River Island and Hennes.

So, I ventured in last week and I was pleasantly surprised. The clothes are grown up but also colourful and appealing. Not super cutting edge but wearable and pretty.

They have also rebranded as kew.159, and I'm pretty impressed with the whole thing.

These dresses would be great for work with heels and a jacket or for the weekends with a cardigan and brown knee high boots.
And I would be super snuggly warm in any of these knits.

Admittedly it does make me worry that I am becoming old and conservative. But the truth is that I don't want to dress like I'm in my twenties anymore.

So I think kew.159 might well be on my radar from now on.
And looking at these nice winter weather clothes it makes me sad that the weather is getting warmer.

(Images via kew. 159)

Is that perverse?

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