Thursday, 15 September 2011

Acting on Impulse

I went into Jigsaw to buy this:

Just a simple, plain, inexepensive vest top. Where's the harm in that?

But I left the shop with this:

and this:
(Images via Jigsaw)

It was just there, at the counter, while I was waiting. Looking so pretty and shiny. What was I to do?

Me: Oooh! Could I try that on?

Sales assistant: Why yes, of course. (Internal monologue) Mwah, ha, ha! Our evil sales techniques are working. We've caught another one.

Me: It's really pretty... (Internal monologue) I only came in for a vest.

Sales assistant: It really suits you, it goes really well with your outfit, it's a limited collection, it might not be here if you wait, you're really pretty (Internal monologue) Reel her in, she's impressionable, we can get her!

Me: I think I'm going to get it. (Internal monologue) I deserve it, why shouldn't I have something pretty?

Sales assistant: A great choice. That'll be five times what you intended to spend please.

Me: Wonderful!

The End

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Kate said...

But does it go with the vest?