Friday, 2 September 2011

My Word is My Bond

I've been invited to a hen do where the bride to be will be a glamourous Bond girl and the rest of us Bond himself. As far as these things go I am happy with that. Truth be told I have only been to two hen dos, one which involved nice dresses and a sophisticated evening of dinner and drinks, the other extreme bawdy drunkeness aboard a river cruise and neither involved a costume (thank goodness), and I was a bit nervous of that side of things. But a Bond theme? That I can deal with.

Particularly seeing as the girl-tux is such a trend right now. You know me, love jumping on a fashion bandwagon. But actually, what we have been asked to wear is all black (trousers or skirt and top or a dress) with white collar and cuffs and a black bow tie. The suggestion is to buy a Chippendale-style costume and add it to the black outfit of our choice.

Which obviously makes for an easy outfit, and one that doesn't need to break the bank or take too much hassle. A concept I appreciate. But I want to bust out 'a look'. Not to upstage the bride, you understand, but just so that I can get spruced up. Seriously, the only time I seem to put on a fancy dress these days is for weddings, so I like the idea of a night out where I can pull out all the stops. Now man-styling and black wouldn't be my first choice of outfit for a big night out, but hell, I'm ready to work with what I've got.

Now, I don't want to go too far. But MK's look below? It is masculine-inspired but still quite feminine, which is I think what I need to try for. Trying to look like a boy when you've got the bumps that I do is really a non-starter. And obviously there will need to be high heels.

So maybe a black jacket over a little floaty pair of shorts or mini skirt/dress? Something soft and feminine and flattering.

I think Kirstin Dunst really nailed the look. And I love that shirt buttoned up to the top thing. But I just don't think I could carry it off. My boobs always make a bid for freedom if I try to trap them under buttons. So while I'd love to try and steal her style, I think I should maybe try my Comptoir polka dot dress with a fitted jacket, black tights, the librarians, which are quite a boyish heel, and a home made collar and cuff set with the white Uniqlo shirt I was about to take to the charity shop.

(Images via Daily Telegraph)

And then fashion a soft floppy kind of bow tie from velvet ribbon to carry on the feminine stye. What do you think?

I need to fit the theme but also feel fabulous. You know?

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