Friday, 27 February 2009


You beat me to the good ones! I was getting my bad ones out of the way first so that I could turn my attention to the successes of the night before nipping out for a sandwich. (Nice thoughts about lovely frocks are a much basis on which to start lunch than feeling itchy about wether Beyonce's frock was fashioned out of a disgarded curtain pelmet.)

I agree with you on all of them. I was going to post almost exactly as you have. Apart from Tilda. We need to talk about Tilda actually Kerrbobs. I know you are a fan but I just don't get it. Well, actually sometimes I do and I think, 'Lo! Lucky us! What a fashion adventurer we have on our hands here!' and then other times I think 'Oh Swinton! You contrary Mary' and I lose all patience like the parent of a particularly irksome teen.


Hayley said...

Oh, now I feel bad! As though while you were gallivanting off for lunch I lurked like an evil toad waiting until you were away from your computer to steal all the pretty ladies.
I take it all back. Please give your opinions on the yes-es. I must know what you think.

Hayley said...

As to the Swinton thing, it is entirely beyond my control. I love her and I cannot say anything bad about her.

Also, such was my relief that she wasn't wearing something quite as "challenging" as last year that really I could have forgiven most things.