Friday, 27 February 2009

Is that the chattanooga choo choo?

I'm breaking in to the Oscars fest I know, but I am multitasking and doing a bit of online shopping whilst trying to decide if Angelina's outfit was just to be on the hits list and I saw this: I was about to ching ching! at the check out when I had to stop. Just as that McCartney playsuit brought to mind Blanche Devereaux this made me think of....
Ms Carmen Miranda. Not this EXACT outfit, just her general vibe. You know. I don't think I want that for myself. But I like the frock. And it's short, which is the length I want. Nothing on the knee for me thank you very much. But something is stopping me from making that double click. But. But. Please just tell me what I think. (With a black matte flat glad - before you ask).

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