Thursday, 26 February 2009

A Question of Sport

So, a cropped sleeve pastel parka you say? Interesting. You expect me to disapprove? I DON'T! I love it. Jane Fonda on the other hand I DO NOT love. Can't bear her in fact. Feed me a couple of glasses of fizz this weeekend, drop her into the convo and sit back and watch me go. However, it's a fact that she gave good outfit in the early years and in general, I am a fan of a bit of sportswear. Not on me. I look ridiculous in anything vaguely sport orientated (perhaps a paranoia hangover from the horror that was gym class) but I can appreciate it on others and that includes you honey pie. Get this high rent pac a mac if you haven't already. It will look amazing with the new hair and you know, I think it could even work with a heel.

So whilst I have been M.I.A I have been filling my time with some prolific reading. A fair few novels, massive (and costly) consumption of vacuous glossies and daily perusal of Sportswear is going to be big again isn't it? I spotted some stuff from Brian Reyes' SS09 collection on there and I just adore it. This little outfit makes me feel squeaky clean and wholesome just by looking at it. I would only go for the upper half of the ensemble for myself, the population of Trafalgar Square doesn't need to have my bottom unleashed upon them that's for sure. But isn't the top bit exquisite? I am in lust with the jacket in partic.

What I am horrified by though are things like this:

I really don't get the 'genius' of Stella McCartney at all. And the collaboration with Adidas only works to make this kind of get up more accessible! Yikes! The over sized playsuit immediately made me of Blanche from The Golden Girls. In fact look! And then spot the difference! I can't even imagine Gwyneth making that thing work.

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Chelsea Simonne said...

I agree, that look is precious! I love Brian Reyes and his new collection was amazing.