Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Return of the M(e)ack

As the troublesome rogue that is Mark Morrison once wrote:
Return of the Mack,
It is,
Return of the Mack,
Come on,Return of the Mack,
Oh, my god,
You know that I'll be back
Here I am.
Return of the Mack,
Once again,
Return of the Mack,
Top of the world,
Return of the Mack,
Watch my flow,
You know that I'll be back,
Here I go.
Mr Morrison has quite a way with words doesn't he. And it seems as though he'd like us to get on and discuss your choice of outerwear also, so I'll step to it. Prepare yourself to 'watch my flow', as it were.


Hayley said...

You certainly are back, aren't you! Woo-whee!!

That made me almost WEEP with laughter! Welcome back.

I await your 'flow' with unfettered anticipation and enthusiasm!

Hayley said...

Oh darling, don't cry. It's good to be back. It has taken me HOURS to pen my first proper post though. Good God.