Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I know, I know...

...we shouldn't look to a woman who makes accessories OUT OF HER OWN HAIR for sartorial guidance. That giddy little bow she keeps teasing her mane in to is both bizarre and intriguing. I mean, I'm known to be liberal with the hairspray but surely you'd need something mega industrial to fix that baby in place and how much backcombing? BUT. I keep seeing this picture and I love this skirt so much. I love the colour and the shineyness and the length and everything. If that was made in something a little more real-life-friendly I would be after one for sure. I might not team it with a rubber bra and head corsage but I would want one all the same.

I also love her Donatella tan. Hhahahaha, I DOOOOO! Serious!


Hayley said...

I am beyond in love with her too. I love that despite looking blonde and possibly slightly vapid she is clearly a minx of a pretty filthy calibre. I love the tan, I love the frosted pink lip, I love her aversion to a bottom half. I love her obsession with Tierry Mugler, and that she has her own design team called the Haus of Ga Ga.
I feel so good that she is in the world and is so insane and yet fabulous. I consider her a good omen for 2009, no less. Is that too much pressure?

Stacy said...

The is one hell of an outfit.