Friday, 6 May 2011

Seventh Heaven

Last night Seven Dials in Covent Garden had a shopping event with a whopping 20% discount at participating shops, live music and cocktails. Lord knows I like to shop when I've had a few!

I started off slowly. A couple of pairs of tights from Tabio. My favourite tights ever that seemingly last forever, but are monstrously expensive.

Then I slowed off significantly. Nothing in Poste Mistress, even the Robert Clergerie flatforms couldn't lure me in, nothing in All Saints, mostly because the shop is so damn small and the staff were lounging around unhelpfully with their trendy haircuts, nothing in COS (I know, I couldn't believe it either).

And then I fell into Offspring.


I will justify myself thusly:

The pair above will be perfect for walking into work and my regular walking into work pair are looking decidedly sorry for themselves.

And the ones below?

(Via Offspring)

Well, they are a pair of the limited edition Liberty print Nikes. And they are just so awfully pretty I couldn't not. So there.

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