Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Calling all Brides!

Ha! Have you seen how all wedding dress shops have gone to the back of their cupboards and dusted down the dress they have that best matches Kate's and/or Grace Kelly's?

I bet when all brides who are getting married this summer and had already bought their dresses saw hers they cursed the choice they had made in some small way. But actually far better to have something different.

(Via You and Your Wedding)

Can you imagine what it is going to be like next summer? Long-sleeved lacey concoctions as far as the eye can see. I bet you anything. And you'll probably be glad that you didn't do the same. Because no matter who was your inspiration, you're going to look as though you nabbed it. And you don't want that on your big day. So go ahead, pick what you want.

But if you are going to steal, get one by Sarah Burton. One of the gargantuan, uber dramatic ones.

(Via Style)

Swoon! Wouldn't that be the most?!

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