Monday, 16 May 2011

It's a Cinch

When you have a figure like mine you develop a serious crush on waist belts. There is almost no item of clothing that cannot be vastly improved on a curvy frame by severely cinching it in.

Tragically the waist belt I use the most is one that came with a Reiss dress. It has been worn infinitely more often than the dress itself. But it was only a cheapy little thing and it is on its way out no matter how much hope I hold out for it.

Stupidly I looked at Net a Porter. You know, just to see what's out there. And what's out there is heaven. Little expensive hoops of heaven.

(Via Net a Porter)

But seeing as I don't have £1,500 to spend on a belt I'll probably get one of these instead.

(Via Jisgsaw)

(Via Reiss)

No, not quite as exciting, are they? Ah well.

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