Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Beaten to the Pun(ch)

Faithful readers, you will know that I favour a punnish headline. I pride myself on finding the silliest possible title for each post.

So I hope you will take a minute to sit in silence and mourn these two corkers that I have seen in periodicals/newsletters that I hadn't thought of.

Number 1:
You Compleat Me

A story about the pleat trend. It's so simple and obvious and fabulous and gets extra kitsch points for referencing Jerry Maguire from a time long ago when we didn't think Tom Cruise was a complete nut job and only moments away from "doing a Gibson".

Number 2:
It Takes All Shorts

Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!! How did I not think of this? Not that I write about shorts very often, with these hips, are you kidding? But still. That is a great, great headline. But, alas, not one of mine.

Thank you for letting me share. I know you feel my pain. Please feel free to send me other treats that catch your eye.

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