Wednesday, 5 January 2011

White Knuckle Ride

Having steered away from my beloved colour this season I was pretty sure I would be right back with it for spring/summer. And there are some seriously bright colours out there, and colour blocking. Eeek! So exciting!

(Via Glamour)

So the suggestion of white was going to have to work pretty hard to lure me away. And you know what? It has.

When I saw Kirsten Dunst in her white dress above I lost my heart. Sure, it might be ever so slightly nurse-like, but I can live with that. It is just so awfully pretty.

Then there is Celine:

Rocking the white in quite a clinical way. Might be a little too hardcore for me. I'm looking for something a bit softer.

Which Chloe is definitely on the way to supplying.

There is nothing more romantic than skipping around in summer with a lovely white dress on, is there?

Ahhh! I can feel the warmth on my skin already.

With a lovely pair of flat sandals and a straw hat, cloth tote and some pretty, delicate gold jewellery.

But the white I like the most has to be from Dolce & Gabbana. While their black lace dresses are far too sexy for my comfort zone. But they are transformed in white. So much sweeter and prettier.

Gosh, aren't they lovely?

I could faint clean away.

Hmmm, for once I might actually be looking forward to summer fashion.

Will wonders never cease?

Except now I have truly the impossible to achieve - wearing white and not spilling on it. It's not that I am particularly mucky but I can't keep from dribbling down a white top for love nor money. I don't know what it is.

(Via Style)

So, New Year's resolution number 1: LEARN NOT TO SPILL!

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