Monday, 17 January 2011

Pale and Wan(g)

I was, rather marvellously, given a Selfridges gift card. Now that is the kind of gift a girl could get really excited about. And maybe it was just sales ennui, but I was utterly uninspired by what was on offer. I know, I should be patient and wait until the full ranges of s/s are in stock, but sometimes I just want to shop. Like, now. Like right this minute. You know?

This Alexander Wang dress was the one saving grace. It is lovely. The only down sides being that I don't think it would keep the essentials covered. That chest holster looks liable to only hold the daintiest, ahem, weapons. And I think I might ooze like melted bree out of the hip cutouts. Nice image, huh?!

(Via Net a Porter)

Doesnt' stop me loving it though. And I could always do with inspiration to get down to the gym more often.

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