Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I'm a Barbour Girl

I live on the edge of hipsterville. And I have to say that I quite enjoy seeing the odd Hackney Farmer. As a look it offends me less than those hipsters in neon brights and white framed glasses. You know?

But surely the whole appeal of it is that it is entirely incongruous. These people would never have had a scrap of muck on their skinnies and Chelsea boots.

So, to the young lady who was wearing her padded Barbour jacket with what looked like johdpurs and riding boots with a silk scarf triangle around her neck, I think some irony is required to carry it off. At least in an urban environment. Unless of course you are tripping out of your Chelsea tractor and don't know that there is such a person as a Hackney farmer, because honestly, for you, there is no reprieve. It isn't even worth me talking to you, because you'll never change.

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