Friday, 12 March 2010

Ours is Not to Wonder Why

I've always really loved the imagery and illustrations from Alice in Wonderland and I adore Tim B, so the combination excites me quite a lot.

But I can't say I have ever looked to Miss. In Wonderland for fashion inspiration.

Admittedly she is utterly adorable. And as a slightly more mature slip of a thing in the film than in the book it isn't quite as paedo chic as copying the style of an actual child, but I still can't say that I really get it.

But I have seen a number of articles and blogs suggesting ways to recreate the look.

Call me cynical, but isn't that just what is known as cashing in? I mean, unless you were some delightful Japanese girl rocking an extreme look in Tokyo, who would actually want to dress like that?

On another note... isn't Miss. Wasikowska's hair beyond perfect? Hmmm, maybe I need a trim...

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