Monday, 1 February 2010

Spring Break

It's February! Yeah! And this half of CONC is back from her travels.

Here is me in front of Everest and Nuptse. Pretty awesome, huh?!

And if there is anything that a hiking trip gives me (other than a more rounded picture of the world and different cultures and the infinite beauty there is to discover, obviously) it is a desire to get out of my practical walking clothes and boots and start thinking about frivolous fashion!

Honestly, I don't know that I have been this excited about the thought of spring and summer clothes since, well... ever.

Armed with magazines I decided my first must have purchase was to be a trench. You know, flirty and cute, classic but adaptable. However, this was to be quite a challenge as I have tried on many a trench in the past and each venture down Trench Avenue had ended in tears with me just not being able to find one that suited me. So I decided that if my trench dreams were to be fulfilled this year then I would have to start a campaign, set aside a day, go everywhere that might be shielding a trench and flush them out, try and try and try on again until I found one. I would prevail!

But in reality I ended up walking in to Oasis, finding this:

(Image via Oasis)

Tried it on, tweaked it a little, fell in love a little, proceeded to the check out and the little treat was mine! Easy as.

Let's hope that all my shopping whims will be catered to as easily! Although, on second thoughts, that might end up being excessively pricey... Err...

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