Wednesday, 10 February 2010


(Image via Kate Westerholt)

First off, how awesome is this sampler???! I love it soooooo much. And all her other ones are rockin' too.

I went to River Island yesterday to peruse the new additions (I am not eating junk and not shopping at the moment, and forchrissakes something had to give...!)and something unusual happened. I was looking at a rail when I got almost pushed to the floor by quite a large black girl, whose look could only be described as ghetto fabulous. So I brushed myself off and went back to my perusalage, not paying her any mind. And yet, and yet... almost every time that I looked at something I found she was next to me, her acrylic nailed hand beside mine stroking the satorially dubious item that I happened to be looking at too. She even asked about these black and white tie dye leggings that I secretly coveted from their website. (I know! You don't have to tell me darling. I know myself only too well...)

What the devil is going on? I know I'm wearing skinnies and high tops but really! Have I gone too far? I'm a very white, very middle class kinda girl. Who am I kidding with this stuff? Or should I just say I want to wear lurid and tight clothes and there is nothing wrong with that...?

Please help!

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