Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Delightful to Boot

Darling, I tell you what, I went and bought the most OBSCENE dress the other day. Honestly, it is positively x-rated and utterly foul. It is pink with a kind of twisted chains in an 80s tasteless Versace stylee. You know, kinda like this...

It is also Skin. Tight.

I bought it with a view to wearing it with the ponies and tacky gold jewellery and a corset belt. But dear god, the thing is so naaaasty that I've got to rough it up a bit. So I was thinking about a slouchy cardigan and some tough girl boots. If these were blacker and didn't come up quite as high I think they would be just the ticket.

(Image via Kurt Geiger)

Right. Um... Yeah. If they were, like, totally different, then they'd be kinda perfect...

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