Monday, 18 June 2012

A Foot in the Door

Oh gosh, I have such an incredibly strong urge for a new pair of shoes. Something pretty and impractical, like any one of these pairs. That would be alright, wouldn't it?

Jimmy Choo

 Miu Miu
 Nicholas Kirkwood

 Oscar de la Renta
(Images via Net a Porter)


Amelia Knitslow said...
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Amelia Knitslow said...

I bought ANOTHER new pair of shoes the other day and annoyingly they have stripped my heels raw. Any tips?

This is them:
bad shoes

Lucinda said...

Oh goodness. Good for you for all this shoe buying. I heartily approve. But bad news on the rubbing front. I live in perpetual fear of any shoes that I might venture about in without socks or tights because my feet blister with almost all shoes.
One suggestion would be to wear them around the house with socks in order to break them in and save your heels. The other would be those gel blister plasters, which really do the trick. Good luck, I hope you can save the pretty shoes!