Friday, 8 June 2012

Sonny Gym

Since my break up and subsequent move away from London I have been generous with the comfort kindly offered by food. I have surrendered myself to its fattening embrace.

But I have decided enough's enough and have started hitting up the gym pretty hard in order to feel better about myself in my beloved clothes.

And you know what? I have been loving it. I feel so good about myself after a good session and while I haven't yet noticed a visible improvement I feel much better in myself and will no doubt start seeing the fruit of my rather sweaty labours.

But one slight drawback is that I might be becoming a bit of a gym obsessed weirdo. Because on perusing Net a Porter's New In section the things I was most drawn to were these lovely purple and turquoise sports bras.

Lordy, I need to get out a bit more, don't I?

Don't answer that...
(Images via Net a Porter)

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