Friday, 8 June 2012

Back to Black

 American Apparel

Contrary as you no doubt now know I am, I want to be wearing quite a lot of black this summer. And black trousers are the devil's raiment because they are just so tedious. So a black skirt it will have to be.

But I hate shopping when I have a very specific thing in mind because you can never find it, can you?

And a longish, but not trip-abably long plain black skirt seems to be particularly evasive. Mullet skirts, slits up to heaven, sheer panels, voluminous? All well and good. But something nice and easy in a good weight jersey? Not so easy to find.

These skirts might all do the trick. I just have to see if I can pin one down and make it work.


Cheap Monday

James Perse




Rick Owens

(Images via Asos, Net a Porter, Topshop)

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