Friday, 29 June 2012

A Bird in the Hand

I'm not a big one for sales. I feel they are a bit of a swizz. Encouraging you to buy things that no one else wants.
 And they turn even the nicest shop into a Primark style jumble sale.

Worst of all, for a Little Miss No Willpower like me, they monkey around with your natural ability to decide whether you want or need or even like an item. Because all you can see is what a bargain something is.

Well, yeah, a great bargain until it sits in your house for a year and never gets used.

(Images via Reiss)

I nearly had that urge just now looking at Reiss handbags. They are lovely, and they are massively discounted but I would probably rather save up to buy something that I really love at full price than buy something that I like but only at that price.

What about you? Are you sales aficionados or avoiders like me?

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