Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Met Ball - The Nearly There

 Amber Valetta

I like it, though it is a bit droopy, but mostly it kind of reminds me of that woman who wore the angry birds dress. Which puts me off somewhat.

 Amy Adams

I would love it if it weren't for the silver bow.

 Angela Lindvall

I love the dress and the shoes it just doesn't feel dressy enough for the Met Ball.

 Ashley Greene

Like the shape, less keen about the droopy shoulders.

 Cameron Diaz

Really enjoying the colour on her and the fact that it is so covered up (I though it was only going to be a matter of time before she was going to have to be pixillated you know, down there, on the red carpet) but I don't think it is fitted properly and isn't that flattering around the waist. Plus - the hair? Oh hell no.

 Candice Swanepoel

I love the colour and the shape up top, but is she knocked up? And is it a jumpsuit? I'm just not sure that these are the right questions to be asking of a dress. You know?

 Cara Delavigne

Velvet, cowl neck, not well fitted at the waist... meh, meh, meh. I love the length. HATE the gloves.

 Cate Blanchett

She is so gorgeous. But I just don't like that much feathering and weight at the bottom.

 Caroline Trentini

Pretty, just not super exciting.

 The Ladies from Downton Abbey

I love the blue colour but it feels like the kind of dress that Meryl Streep would wear, lovely, but a bit old for her.

The gold and black would be more modern if the skirt was straighter, and again with the horrible gloves.

 Elizabeth Banks

I like that she has tried to do something a bit different and the Mary Katrantzou is pretty out there, I'm just not sure she is really carrying it off. Especially with the helmet hair.

 Linda Evangelista

I love the scoop and the peplum and the length but I'm still underwhelmed.

 Jamie King

 Kate Bosworth

 Jessica Alba

 Kate Upton

 Kristen Wiig

 Lana Del Rey

 Malin Akermann

 Marion Cotillard

 Milla Jovovich

(Imagaes via Daily Telegraph)

Stella McCartney

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