Thursday, 17 May 2012

Welcome to Miami

OK, I take it all back. Classy minimalism is all very well but can it compete with a Versace-esque mirrored gold leopard vest?

I think not which is why the top above was my latest purchase. Isn't it siiiiiick?

And while I was in River Island I realised how much I love all of their gaudy Miami prints. I could really hit some of these pieces up. Hard.

(Images via River Island)


Woking Girl said...
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Woking Girl said...

Amazing! I saw a girl in Williamsburg rocking this look recently. High waisted skirt with cropped print-statement top. Nailed it, looked super chic together.

Lucinda said...

I bet she looked amazing. I wish I
could attempt that look. Love it. My attempt at pattern might have to be a bit more covered up!