Monday, 14 May 2012

It's a Fair Koop

If you are looking for loyalty in a girl you should just keep looking, I'm afraid. Because I am what's known as contrary. Particularly when it comes to trends.

My style, thanks in part to my body type, is super feminine. I probably have more dresses in rotation right now than all of the trousers I have ever owned.

So, this season, with all the feminine looks flooding the high street I should be like a pig in, ahem, the brown stuff. But there is nothing like telling me that is really the way that I should be dressing to persuade me to do exactly the opposite. Especially if it is something I am already doing. I don't want to be seen as slavishly following trends.

So little miss skirts and dresses and nipped in waists that I am has taken a holiday for the summer, and the tougher me has shown up in her place. And the new me likes skinny trousers and black and cobalt blue. She doesn't like pattern. She wants simple shapes that are easy to wear. She wouldn't be see dead in something fussy.

And this me, for the time being, is totally obsessed with The Kooples. Up to now I have loved their advertising but always felt that their clothes were not for me. You know, too cool for school and too masculine. Whereas in reality they are quite like my beloved Comptoir, just a little bit slicker, a little more pared down. And you know what? Exactly what I want to look like right now.

(Images via The Kooples)

Their shapes are very minimal, but also feminine in a cooler way than all the flounce. How has it taken me this long to discover it? Because seriously, right now I only want to wear their clothes. For the rest of my life.

(I promise I won't though, readers, because I recognise that might become somewhat tiresome for you reading this.)

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